Part, Package & Materials Handling Solutions

Dyna-Slide Part, Package & Materials Orientation

Dyna-Slide technology is a robust, efficient means of moving materials and is proven to be tremendously adaptable and flexible. Since 1972 Dyna-Slide has been the market leader in linear part, package and material orientation and accumulation solutions. Let us put that experience to work for you.

Dyna-Feed Materials Handling & Feeding

The CDS-LIPE line of Step Feeders, Vibratory Bowl Feeders & Centrifugal Feeders/ Orientors /Hoppers/Pans/Screen Feeders/Bulk Supply Systems is called our Dyna-Feed Product Group.

Flex Feeding Solutions

Parts, packages or materials can be supplied "on demand" to vision guided robot using integrated feeding system generally consisting of bulk supply, linear and lateral materials distribution to flexible automation pick belt with encoder feedback.

Automation Belt Conveyors

Dyna-Belt standard & customized conveyors increase productivity and allow for integration of a variety of automation processes. Super low profile, medium capacity and heavy duty automation conveyors. Wash down duty, hazardous duty and sanitary duty belts. Incline conveyors, decline conveyors and indexing conveyors are available.

Machine Tending & Loading

Escapements,Cross Shuttles, Lifts, Walking Beam Loaders, Servo Linear Rams, Pick & Place , Pallet Loading, Dial Loading

Intelligent Bulk Supply Solutions

Automatic bulk supply systems for integration to supply part, package or material to feeders or other upstream automation on demand.

Industries Served-Manufacturing & Assembly

Materials Handling Automation for Bearing,Electrical,Electronics,Powdered Metal,Consumer Tools,First Tier Automotive,Second Tier Automotive,Truck,Aircraft,Building Supplies,Munitions,Battery,Energy, Modling, Tire Products,Aerospace,Appliances, Caste & Forge Industries

Food & Package Handling Conveyors

CDS-LIPE Sanitary Group designs & build wash-down duty and sanitary equipment since 1989, Sanitary conveyors comply with latest USDA, Canadian Dairy and AMI standards. Conveyors for bulk food handling, food packaging, pharmaceutical applications.

Integrated Orientation Automation & Specialty Machines

Integrated Materials Handling & Part Feeding Systems Bulk Part Supply Feed & Orientation Part Presentation & Loading

Part & Materials Separation & Sortation

Dimensional Sortation & Screening Equipment Plastic Sprue, Gates, Runner and Over Separation Casting Sprue, Gates, Runner and Over Separation

Food & Sanitary Packaging Feed Systems

CDS-LIPE Sanitary Group designs Part, Package and Materials handling systems, feeders and custom automation for designed for food, food packaging, medical components & materials, pharmaceutical packaging applications

Industries Served-Process, Packaging & Sanitary Assembly

CDS-LIPE Sanitary Group provided automated materials handling for bulk food, food packaging, medical components, pharmaceutical, personal care products, orthopedic implants.

Gentle Accumulation & Transport Equipment

Dyna-Slide Accumulators are used world wide as inline, buffer and workstockers. Dyna-Slide Conveyors Dyna-Chain Transport Conveyors