Contract Manufacturing

CDS LIPE regularly provides machining, fabrication and assembly to print services.  We have also developed a number of machine infeed and discharge conveyor and well as robot cell perimeter guarding & machine enclousure packages.  These ancillary products allow our Machine Builder, Robot Integrator and OEM customers to dedicate resources to what they do best.  We produce on a one up custom design or build to print on a demand schedule bases.

Flex Framing

This product & service includes:  

Machine & Robot Cell Guarding Solutions. Given the number of system which require guarding CDS-LIPE has developed significant experience buliding guarding enclosures for both OEM machine builders and Robot Integrators. We stock standard panel sizes and doors with and without interlock options . Please ask us to design a solution for your project.

Process Conveyor Solutions

This product & service includes:

Process Machines, Packagine Machines, Assembly Machines of all types utilize conveyor as do Robot Cells. Our modular product lines are designed to be efficiently produced.  CDS-LIPE is always interested in customizing to meet your product requirements. 

Industrial Belt Conveyors


Power Belt- Washdown Duty Blue Belt & Modled Plastic Belt Conveyors