Flex Feeding Solutions




 Large Part Flex Feed System


CDS LIPE Line of Flexible Feeders are designed to distribute parts for vision guided inspection and robotic handling.

Flex Feeding is especially useful for both small and larger parts with difficult geometry or small part, package or material that is fragile.   Each Flex Feed system consist of bulk supply source, a method to distributing the parts randomely across a surface so that vision inspection or robots with vision guidance can then handle those parts in the correct orientation.  When possible those parts not selected due to incorrect orientation are reoriented upon recirculation.

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Small Part Flex Feeder

The intelligent part feeder is flexible and cost effective alternative to traditional bowl feeders. The intelligent small part flex feeder handles multiple parts simultaneously distributing them to vision guided robot.

Large Part Flex Feeder

Flex feed designs used to supply parts, packages and materials to vision guided robots.