Industries Served-Manufacturing & Assembly

Materials, Component and Package Handling for Automated Processing

Dyna-Slide Custom Orienter/Feeders, transter/accumulation conveyors and accumulation tables are utilized extensively to handle fragile parts, surface critical parts, families of parts.

Dyna-Feed standard hoppers, bulk supply systems and pan feeders are used to provide intelligent part supplies to manufacturing and assembly processes.

  • Green-Powdered Metal Parts
  • Powdered Metal Parts
  • Roller Bearings
  • Munitions
  • Glass & Ceramic Parts
  • Shafting
  • Stems
  • Valves
  • Hand Tool Components
  • Electrical
  • Aeromotive Parts
  • Machine Tool Parts

Automotive Part Handling for Automation

Shaft Feeding, Bearing Feeding, Bushing Feeding, Machine Center Loading, Finished Machined Part Accumulation, Valve Feeding, Piston Orientation,

Centerless & Horizontal Grinder Feeding Automation

Feeding small part from random bulk supply to grinding machines

Bearing Component Handling Solutions

Centerless Grinder Feeding, Shaft Feeding, Inner Race Feeding, Outer Race Feeding, Bearing Orientation, Shaft Feeding, Gentle Feeding, Non-Marking Feeding, Accumulation, Gentle Conveyance

Powdered Metal Parts-Gentle Handling for Process Integration

Green Part Handling, Press Outfeeds,Stacking, Tote Loading, Accumulation & Part Transfer, Secondary Operation Integration, Inspection & Sortation

Electrical & Electronic Part Handling

Feed & Accumulation of Connectors Electrical fittings Neutral bar assemblies,Terminal blocks, electrical Outlets,electrical Box

Consumer Tool Component Handling for Automation

Hand Saw Assemblies Handling, Allen Wrench Assemblies Handling,Pruner Assemblies Handling, Screw Driver Blade Handling, Screw Driver Handle Handling, Socket Handling, Socket Extension Handling, Wrench Forging Handling, Plyer Assembly Handling,Wire Stripper Assembly Handling

Building Supply Components Handling for Automation

Door Lock assembly feeding, windows component feeding for assembly, electrical outlet orientation for nail insertion, Faucet fixtures accumulation,Plumbing elbow feeding, Plumbing Fitting feeding, Feeding Straps & Hangers

Glass & Ceramic- Gentle Handling for Automation

Capsule Feeding, Press Outfeed, Extrusion Conveyors, Bulb Feeding, Glass Bulbs Accumulation, Finish Machine Orientation to secondary operations, Shafts and Rod Feeding

Battery & Energy Products Handling for Automation

Insulator Sortation, Housing Orientation,Insulator Accumulation,Shell Orientation

Munitions & Harzardous Materials Handling Solutions

Protective Armor Handling, Protective Armor Deburring, Bullet Feeding, Case Orientation, Projectile Feeding, Munitions Component Handling Uranium Rods Feeding, Rod Accumulation