Belt Feeder

Perfect for automatic feeding parts, materials or packages to inspection, packaging or industrial processes like grinders, induction heaters, thread rollers, extrusion press operations as well as other process and assembly systems.  Can incorporate washdown and sanitary construction.  Belt Feeders must be utilized with a Storage Unit, or some method to supply the bulk supply of random parts to this feeder in a controlled, metered flow. When parts, packages or materials are introduced into the feeder from a bulk supply source on a demand signal they are presented to the tooling wall area. The tooling is typically custom designed sort and effect the orientation of a range of part, package or material sizes. When properly oriented, aligned or sorted the materials, parts or packaged exit the tooling area and exit the feeder.

Belt Feeders can incorporate a number of different discharge track, conveyor, v-track or be integrated with process metering, inspection sortation systems, orientation automation or automated process loading devices.

* Quiet Operation
* Metered Feeding
* Gentle Handling
* Vibration Free Feeding
* Feeds a Wide Variety of Parts
* Low Load Height
* Simple Reliability

Optional Equipment:

USDA-FDA Construction