Dyna-Slide-Gentle Part Feeding & Materials Handling Equipment & Systems


  • Dyna-Slide technology has been doing what no other material handling technology can do since 1972.  Designed for fragile, green or sensitive surfaces and can gently accumulate, feed and orientes parts, packages and materials for automated processing.  The "original flexible automation" with thousands of units in operation many of them handling finished machine parts, green powdered metal, glass and ceramic parts and materials Dyna-Slide is well known for it's soft handling characteristics.  Dyna-Slide's proven technology combines linear vibration with brushlon material to create a gentle vibration wave motion.  Simple quiet, safe, non-marking Dyna-Slide products are ideal for your value added application.

  • Dyna-Slide Feeders & Orientors can feed families of parts with simple tooling and are have the unique ability to incorporate quick change tooling capable of handling square, undersquare and near square parts in a single feeder. Available in a wide range of sizes which can feed parts, packages or materials that feeder bowls simply are incapable of feeding.

  • Dyna-Slide Conveyors are so flexibile the can transfer,zero back pressure accumulate, index, merge, sort and orient parts, packages and materials.

  • Dyna-Slide Accumulators & Buffers are suitable for larger and heavey components and has proven itself for it's ability to meet the challanges and changing needs of the assembly integration, machine tool loading, packaging machine loading and robot integration industries.

  • Dyna-Slide Based Flexible Automation includes Dyna-Slide equipment integrated with specialty automation devices and controls creating turnkey autonomous solutions.



Horizontal Vibratory Part Feeder & Part Orientation

Modular bi directional feed systems. Also called carpet feeders, brush feeders, grass feeders.... Available in standard and custom sizes all commonly handles families of parts in single feed system. Gentle, long wearing brushlon surfaces. Quiet >60dba operation.

Centerless Grinder Load Systems-Large Parts

Fully automated single and multiple pass centerless grinder load systems designed to orient square, undersquare and near square parts and gently load them with controlled back pressure to centerless grinder. Oriented Feeders are available to load parts with programmable orienations.

Accumulation Tables

Dyna-Slide accumulation table are the most gentle form of accumulation available on the market. Modular tables are available in any size and capacity. Commonly integrated with feeding & part orientation systems.

Large Part & Long Part Feeders

Feed & orient Large Parts,Package and Materials from random bulk supply. Includes large diameter parts, a wide range of part sizes, short bar feeder,tube feeder and heavy part feeders

Transport & Accumulating Conveyors

Vibratory Conveyor commonly used for transporting and gentle accumulation of parts and packages. Dyna-Slide can be used for de-burring, de-dusting, part & material washing applications. Part rotation or part rifling can be created using brush pattern.

Vibratory Accumulator Feeder

Commonly used for machine tending applications, line balancing and fault by-pass applications. Large Part & Package Feeding. Can be combined with tolling to singulate simple parts and packages. Can be integrated escapements and back pressure controls.

V-Track Specialty Conveyors

Modular, scalable conveyors based on V-extrustion available in various width and lengths to gently move a wide variety of parts and materials.

Head Hanger Specialty Conveyor

Available in various width and lengths to gently move and accumulate parts.

Part Inspection & Sort Systems

Typically used upstream of final process or auotmated packaging operation to achieve 100% inspection criteria.

FurnaceTransfer Conveyor

Typically used for unloading parts from furnace belts and then sorting them and or transferring parts or materials to transport conveyor.

Supply Hoppers

Available in a wide range of sizes from .5cu ft to 20 cu ft. capacity.

Twist Track Specialty Conveyor

Available in various width and lengths to gently move and rotate parts packages or materials in 30, 45, 90 and 180 degree face to face.

Work Stockers

High density accumulation equipment which can be scaled to meet your needs.

Press Outfeed Conveyors

Typically used for unloading parts from press. Features both air and electric drives.

Programmable Orientation

Sensor or vision based part orientation identification combined with pneumatic or servo controlled orientation automation.

Machine & Dead Nest Loading

Machine Loading using fixed and or flexible automation.

Specialty Magazine Feeders

Typically used for robotic or manually loaded parts which require specific load position.

Magazine Feeders- Shaft/Rod/Bar/Tube

Manually loaded, adjustable magazine with escapement to signulate and meter shaft stock , rods, bars and tubing.

Rotary Accumulation

Automatically accumulate parts with simple rotary table

Dyna-Slide Feeder Re-Tool & Re-Builds

Dyna-Slide is a proven, renewable technology. Originated in the 1970's thousands of machines have been built and hundreds have been refurbished and retooled for new parts, materials or packages.